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The W.L. Walker Company was founded in 1926 by William L. Walker. W.L. Walker was the co-inventor of the Tulsa Oil Thief. This device was the first oil sampling instrument of W.L. Walker Company. It continues to service the petroleum industry as the oil sampler of choice. In the 1940’s W. L. Walker added many other lines of oil gauging equipment. This included the Lufkin Gauging Tapes and Plumb Bobs. W.L. developed centrifuges for determining basic sediment and water. He stocked all kinds of thermometers and hydrometers, gauging pastes, tank strapping equipment, and testers for flash point.

At the end of World War II, W.L. was in poor health. His son, Arthur, returned from military service to help. Art Walker sought new lines of equipment and continued developing new products in addition to the Tulsa Oil Thief. Sampling devices included the zone sampler, copper weighted sampler, bacon bomb samplers, bottle samplers, and cage samplers. Art Walker was instrumental in the development of a multitude of oil centrifuges such portable electric oil centrifuges and 12 Volt Water Heated Centrifuges that circulated water from the vehicles system to heat the centrifuge. Electric heated centrifuges soon followed that could run from 12 Volt or 115 Volt. The Explosion Proof Design Centrifuges led to a CSA Approved Explosion Proof Centrifuge. We even developed an air driven centrifuge that is inherently safe. A CSA approved Therm-O-Cycle Heater was designed to heat the intrinsically safe centrifuges. All these centrifuges meet specifications as stated in the API’s Manual of Petroleum Measurement Chapter 10.4, “Determination of Sediment and Water by Centrifuge- Field Method” (The old ASTM D96). Chapter 10.4 calls for the pre-heating of oil samples and the Walker oil sample heaters were developed in 12 volt DC and 115 Volt AC to meet the requirement of API.

Key items were added to our inventory to support the use of this equipment. Glass bottles were important, but Art Walker was also able to gain the Nalgene Labware line of products in the 1950’s. Kimble Glass provided our graduated glass cylinders. Art Walker sought a variety of vendors to provide all kinds of oil gauging equipment. W. L. Walker Company was not only a manufacturer of the key items, but also a one stop shop for everything the hydrocarbon measurement industry could need.

Areas of further development came in products for carrying the gauging equipment, Walker's own hand centrifuge with an industry improved gear ratio of 16 to 1. Other ancillary equipment was added for use in marine applications and tank farms such as tally books, tally book refills, sealing wire, cotton cord, cotton rope, and stopwatches. Safety equipment is also available from Walker.

Art Walker retired in 1986 and the third generation took over. Anne Walker Brackett is responsible for continuing the innovative development of oil gauging equipment. She added a larger more efficient manufacturing facility and state of the art CNC machines to improve productivity and quality. The Isotherm Portable Electronic Thermometer is a digital thermometer that is made to API’s “Temperature Determination” standards and comes in many configurations, including a reel system. W. L. Walker Company was responsible for developing the Tape Verification System used in API’s Chapter 3.1.A. This system allows field tapes to be calibrated against master certified tapes that are traceable to the NIST. Walker can provide all verification and certification services needed for the liquid hydrocarbon industry. This includes Walker certified and verified equipment, as well as NIST and factory certification.. We participate actively in API and ASTM standard writing, so we pride ourselves on careful detail of your verified and certified equipment requirements. Anne Walker Brackett is a member of API and is the Chairman of the Chapter 7 "Temperature Determination" Working Group to write the standard for the API's Manual of Petroleum Measurement. In addition, she is a member of ASTM and serves on the Board of the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement.

The third generation is now running the company, and it is certified as a woman-owned small business. We remain dedicated to professional excellence and pledge to live by the fine reputation the previous leadership worked so hard to achieve. Our reputation is built on innovation and research... the leader - W.L. WALKER COMPANY.

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